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PSIRA Offices where Registrations and Renewals can be done:

Addresses and Contact Numbers

Street Address

170 Thabo Sehume Street

Pretoria CBD

Contact Number

(012) 337 5600

Head Office

420 Eco Glades 2 Office Park

Highveld Ext 70


Contact Number

(012) 003 0503

086 133 3850

PSIRA Regulations



 Obligation to register and exemptions (Refer to Section 20 of the Act)

According to the act

A security business may only be registered as a security service provider and;

in the case of a security business which is a company, close corporation, partnership, business trust or a foundation, if every director of the company,

every member of the close corporation, every partner of the partnership,, every trustee of the business trust, and every administrator of the foundation, as the case may be, is registered as a security service provider.

Application for registration (Refer to Section 21 of the Act)

An application for registration as a security service provider (guards and management as well as juridical persons) must be made to the PSIRA on the prescribed form and must be accompanied by

•  (a) A clear and complete set of fingerprints taken in the prescribed manner

(i) of the applicant , if the applicant is a natural person;

(ii) if the applicant is a security business, of every natural person performing executive or managing functions in respect of such security business;

(b) The application fee as determined by the PSIRA, and

(c) Any other document or certificate required in terms of this Act or by the PSIRA to be submitted with an application for registration, i.e. Grade E for guards, and Grades E , B for executives, managers and juridical persons (Directors, members, etc)

•  Any person applying in terms of subsection (1) for registration as a security service provider, must furnish such additional particulars in connection with the application as the PSIRA may determine.

•  If the PSIRA is of the opinion that the provisions of this Act have been complied with in respect of an application referred to in subsection (1), it may grant such application and register the applicant as a security service provider. Requirements for registration (Refer to Section 23 of the Act)